Is this the Right Way to Celebrate Holi ……. ??

According to a report, Approximately 270 Lac liters of water are wasted in India during the festival of Holi.

So Just think Yourself,

Is this the Right Way to Celebrate Holi the way we normally celebrate?

Ofcourse the answer is No.

Just think once about the two faces of lifestyle, the first face where we don’t care about the way we are celebrating holi by wasting a lots of water just because we just want to celebrate holi and we don’t want to care for the rest.

Holi special

And the 2nd face where the poor kids can not even fulfill the amount of water they need to spend even a single day. Every day they wake up having a fear that if they will get the sufficient water for them or not.

It’s just a matter of time to think over the lifestyle we are living nowadays. Everyone desires to have an awesome life but it’s a fact we really don’t want to care about the others and that is the way the life goes on raising so many Questions from us but we don’t want to answer any of them.

Just a Revolution is needed for a change and yes there are so many options available to celebrate a special day of our life but that depends on us how we want to celebrate…….

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